The (Upcycled) Black Pearl in the Jules Verne Kindergarten

Our Kindergarten children can now sail our own JVC Black Pearl in Kindergarten... all we need is Captain Jack! Lovingly made by our facility professionals, Jörg Massalski and Gunter Merkl, as well as the Becker family, the impressive ship to play on and explore consists of over 70% upcycled materials. For example, the soft inner lining is from our previous Gumpy room, the wooden planks are from a balcony that’s over 10 years old, and the mast is from a real boat! The wooden materials were sanded, shaped, and re-compiled to create this inspiring plays area for our Kindergarten children, right in the middle of the Learning Studio Island. What a great way to stress the importance of sustainability, creativity, and imagination. As Captain Jack Sparrow says: “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate!”