Spitzingsee Trip 2019

The seventh, eight, and ninth grades got to go on a trip to Spitzingsee from September 22-25, 2019.

On the morning of the September 22, the three learning groups met at the Hauptbahnhof and took the three-hour trip to the cabin with their belongings on their backs. Upon arriving, we got our rooms and got settled in. On the following day, we got to do some fun activities like box climbing. But, as it was raining, we headed back inside and enjoyed a relaxing time together.

The next day, we did more activities, like zip lining, archery, and more. Later that day, we did some hiking and went up to the cabin we slept in for the last time, then we came back down for dinner. The next morning, after sleeping on the floor, we headed back to the Hauptbahnhof for a day of repose.