Skateboard Ramp @ JVC!

A school with an indoor skateboard ramp?! No way! YES way! At Jules Verne Campus, we’ve got one!  We’re proud to present our skateboard ramp in the second level basement of our Campus. Thanks to our Sport learning guide, Gerald Wagner, who spearheaded the idea, and our facility team pro, Jörg Massalski, who built the ramp, JVC kids can skate right on Campus! Soon, our Grammar School learning partners will decorate the walls around the ramp it. We’ll post more pix of the final look on social media once the ramp is broken in a bit.

As movement is important part of our JVC concept, we’re always on the lookout for new ways to support talent promotion and Sport and to provide the “wow” factor that keeps us all motivated! Our learning partners can’t wait to start skating. Helmet on! We’ll see you at the JVC skateboard ramp!