PT English Sessions

In our PT English sessions we have delved into the world of the ‘Mr. Men and Little Miss’ books. After reading some of the stories together, we put together character profiles and identified the most important details about plot and setting. By this point we were excited, inspired and ready to write our very own stories of Mr. Men and Little Miss characters going on adventures - and misadventures - together!

After many lessons spent brainstorming, planning, writing, illustrating and editing, we finally began publishing our finished books. Our goal was to make the books as professional as possible, complete with an ‘about the author’ page on the back and a book review from another pair of learning partners at the front. We used our PTB assembly to reflect on the project and take time to enjoy reading the finished books together. We will save digital versions of the stories and make the books available for others to read in our JVC library, and we’ll share them on SeeSaw with you too!