Neptune Trip to the Opera House!

As part of their current “Mozart” topic in music, the Neptune class, Mr. Inceel and Miss Manning went on a day trip to the Opera House on January 24. We travelled by S-Bahn to Marienplatz, and then walked through the beautiful, old city to the Opera House, where we spent two hours with our guide, Toby. First, we listened to a talk about how an opera is actually produced and spent some time trying on props, which was really fun! Then we went on a tour of the Opera House, which included going into the King’s box, where we had a great view of the stage and of the preparations for that night’s performance. The tour finished with a question and answer session about singing, music, ticket prices etc., and then we went back to school.

The class found it really exciting to learn about the history of the Opera House and seeing everything in real life, and we would love to actually go to an opera in the future!