Moon Lounge Launch

Our third floor is named after Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon. Once we completed the mural on up there saying Start your future here, removed the partition and kitchen, and created a giant chalkboard wall, our brand-new Moon Lounge started taking shape. During Project Week last July, four learning partners from Grammar School made 3D models of the space, chose furniture within a budget, and presented their proposals to the Head of Learning House. Their ideas, including some upcycling, were implemented over summer, and now they’ve done the final decorating such as hanging up the neon signs they designed. Now, the Grammar School learning partners can enjoy a truly functional, yet inspiring SPACE on Campus. The last step will be to install water dispensers for filling water bottles in both in the Moon and Air Lounges; this will happen in the coming weeks. Thank you, Moon Lounge design team!