Looking to the Future… Our Kindergarten at Jules Verne Campus!

We at Jules Verne Campus are always looking to go on new journeys, and a huge part of our journey at JVC is now up and running in the form of our Kindergarten! Our Coral group on the ground floor have been busy learning their new routines, getting to know one another and enjoying the beautiful new spaces our team have created for them. The Kindergarten input room is colourful, bright and friendly, with exciting corners to pique the interest of our little ones. A particular highlight is our indoor playground in a separate room, which the children use to help improve their coordination, balance and mobility.

We now have eight Kindergarten children, and this number is growing week by week as new children partake in their ‘settling in’ process. So far, they have already been on some exciting trips to the zoo and playground, and with arts and crafts, they are creating masks for the upcoming Carnival festival. Ms. Strataki and Herr Hammerl are enjoying getting our youngest learning partners onboard, and all have been having great fun helping the children get ready for their journey with us at Jules Verne Campus.