Klasse 6 Uranus – Airhop

On the 30th of November the JVC Gymnasium kids (Grade 5, 6 and 7) went on a magical adventure to and fro the trampoline park Airhop through harsh winds and snow. Everyone complained about the cold, obviously the children were outraged. Here we have someone who was present at the event give his thoughts: “It’s unacceptable! It was awful! But I liked Airhop, it was fun.”-Viktor

Now that that’s over with we can get to the good stuff! We’ll go through and tell you about what happened while we were there. First up, the Battle Beams.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the day Ms. Manning’s phone was lost under the Battle Beams. Luckily, it was returned safely to its rightful owner. That’s about it, actually not much other the fun times everyone had at Airhop happened that day. All in all it was a great day, despite the journey to and from Airhop. This concludes the Tiago story of the day.