Jules Verne Explorers on Adventure Island

Over the past few weeks, we have been very excited in the Kindergarten to see the Adventure Island being constructed. The children have been watching and waiting for adventure, hence the name! Our minis can now explore this environment for themselves with all of their senses. Having this dedicated space will provide opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, which all contribute to a healthy and active lifestyle and a sense of well-being.

The outdoor area for Kindergarteners only is flexible, with areas that cater to all the children‘s interests and learning styles. There are areas for more boisterous play for children who learn best through active play such as a caterpillar slide, a climbing wall and a plate swing. Teepees on the wooden deck will provide a perfect spot for quieter play to nurture make-believe and role play.

There will also be areas to develop children’s problem-solving skills such as the sensory rock area as well as the water and sand play areas.

Adventure Island also features a garden area to foster respect of nature and understanding plants and life cycles. An awning will provide shelter from the sun during the summer months.

Our Coral, Shell, and Pearl children proudly "cut through the ribbon" at the grand opening of Adventure Island on December 3, 2020!