I imagine … being a child again!

If I could have only gone back to those days when my mama was combing my hair, dressing me up and holding my hand while walking me to school. I imagine that my only responsibility was to not tell Marko that Iva was in love with him and that I helped her write the love letter in his pocket! I imagine I could go back and sit on the stairs in front of our school entrance and watch the boys playing football. I imagine walking back home with my schoolmates carrying a heavy school rucksack on my back...but with light steps and playful thoughts. I imagine entering my parents’ home and enjoying the smell of my mother's lunch and my favorite cherry cake. Dropping my rucksack quickly on the floor and running to my mum's hug, I imagine being a child again... dreaming, playing and laughing carelessly. And I imagine ...what would happen if all the children in this world had such a happy childhood! This planet would be a much better place.

Ana Pilicic, Administration