Feeding Passion! SPARK WEEK at Jules Verne Campus

In April 2023 during our very special Spark Week, we hosted Christoph Bornhauser (Herr Bo), co-founder of our Swiss school family, SBW Haus des Lernens, for electrifying public lectures at Jules Verne Campus:

Talent Development in Puberty

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Education

Thinking out of the box (in the box of school), the potential of AI in our search for what makes us truly human and what we’ll really need for the future (that is, Future Skills!), and finding new ways to solve problems were all challenges presented to us by Bo as he pulled us out of our mental comfort zones. It’s exactly these discussions that make SBW and JVC more future-oriented, bolder. Do we have all the answers? Absolutely not. But it’s about asking the right questions, right now.

ChatGPT can help take away some busy work, but it’s up to us as humans to do the critical thinking, consider ethical implications, experience all the senses, develop empathy. The hand-drawn chalk mural in the Oasis, as well as the orchid we gave Bo as a gift, were there to symbolize the importance of the analog/organic co-existing with the digital. The interplay of both will carry us into the unknown future—a future in the hands of our JVC learning partners. We’d like to thank everyone in our JVC family who got SPARKED during these special events, and of course Bo, for his vision and inspiration.