Excursion to White Rose Museum

On the 17th of December, the 7th grade went on a field trip to see sights relevant to the White Rose, such as the Scholl residence, the White-Rose-Museum in the Ludwig Maximilians University and the memorial cube in the gardens. After having watched a movie detailing the resistance and interrogation of Sophie Scholl, Saturn went with Mr. Hill to see the places where it all really happened (Except the interrogation and execution because that building was torn down a long time ago.). We started by going to the residence and looking at the sign in front. Afterwards we made the long walk to the university and went into the museum to learn all the details. After a short tour around the university, 7th grade took a small break to eat and to relax (and play Yu-gi-oh). We then went to Odeonsplatz to look at the memorial in the gardens. It was quite hard to read due to the handwriting and snow but that’s beside the point and who am I to judge? We then began heading back to school where after we had arrived we played some Kahoot. What a day, eh?