Curisology/ Neugierologie

Jules Verne Campus invented a new subject called Curiosology. First you have to pick a topic that you are curious about and you want to learn more about it from a list. On the list you have to look where you will have your class and which teacher will stay with you. On the first Thursday you have to choose your title for your presentation. On the second Thursday you have to start thinking about your presentation that you will be working on the next 5 weeks. For your presentation you can make: a video, a book, etc. In your group you will not be with your classmates but with students from the whole grammar school. In your group you can work in pairs or as group of three. Everyone should work. Your presentation should be at least 4 minutes. Curiosology is a very interesting and fun subject. You learn a lot of things. After the break the day for Curiosology will be Tuesdays.