créAktiva is fun!

Dear readers, we would like to tell you about CréAktiva, as we think that only our school has this subject. The projects that we do are filming class, Robotics, Plogging and Historical People, imparted by different teachers.

These are the following projects and their information:

In the filming project, led by Ms Manning, we will watch a movie (e.g. Edward Scissorshands) for about two lessons, and then make your own movie based on the topic. In the end, we watch all the movies in the Lernatelier.

In robotics, taught by Mr Hill, we first build a robot for one or two lessons, then learn how to program it. And in the final week we will present a programmed robot to the whole gymnasium.

In Plogging we run around the forest and nearby park and pick up trash from the ground together with Herr Ratzinger and Herr Wagner.

In historical figures we will chose a historical figure and then research a presentation about it. (imparted by Frau Müller)

The projects will last eight weeks until we present, and then you can sign up for another project. Remember that you might not get the project that you want, so sign up it as fast as you can!

Hope you enjoy it!