Coaching – The Miracle Question in Grammar School

Coaching isn’t therapy, it’s human development with personal growth as the result. Coaching is a cornerstone of the program at JVC, where we help our learning partners to overcome their hurdles, develop resilience, and build on their strengths. To make this more effective, a team of ten coaches from the JVC Gymnasium team have undergone an extensive professional training in their free time to become certified learning coaches. At the end of April, the team finished this training and were excited to use our newly improved skills to support our learning partners even better. If you’d like to know more, please check out our refreshed and updated Coaching profile here.

Everything you do in a school affects someone and contributes to the beautifully organized chaos that is a building full of young people. People learn by seeing, doing, hearing, and more; for better or worse, we are social creatures. The Grammar School team has highly trained coaches to support that experience, or to help when learning by doing hasn’t gotten you where you want to be. In doing all of this, we help the learning partners to overcome their hurdles and break out of the old habits or feelings that have held them back. In the end, we hope they can all say, “I learned how to learn, learned how to achieve, and learned how to be… me.”

The miracle question – if a miracle were to happen, what would be different tomorrow? – is different for everyone, as their needs are unique. The art of the question is to personalize it and direct in such a way that answering it brings one forward. We do so with care, consideration, and growth in mind—then we hope that every learning partner walks away with their own solutions and goals. Answers dwell within, and our own imaginations are both the limit and the key. We will open that door and grow together, you as the traveler and we as the guide.