Caterpillar Shoes

Our learning partners in grades 1 and 2 have been exploring the meadow recently like busy ants! One of the stories we heard this term was “Caterpillar Shoes,” which tells of a caterpillar who actually wears lots of different kinds of shoes. When he has eaten his fill and is ready to make his cocoon, he realises his shoes don’t fit him anymore. Plus, he won’t even need the shoes if he is going to fly around as a butterfly. And so, he sets off through the meadow in search of other insects and animals he can donate his shoes to. It’s an inspiring tale conveying wise messages for our young learners and encouraging kindness and sustainability. Jade learning partners put on a play to dramatize the story. Topaz learning partners enjoyed a teambuilding exercise involving working in teams to walk as caterpillars. The Sapphire group used Ms Gonzales´ own shoes to retell the story, and the Peridots used their creativity to draw hybrid creatures such as the “Caterfly” and the “Snapillar.”