3D Shoes

The JVC Gymnasium has been doing a program after school to see what it’s like in the world of 3D design and 3D printing. Using Fusion 360 and Blender, we are expanding our horizons and stepping into the shoes of a digital designer!

“Already a few years ago, I found 3D printing really cool. I even thought about buying one myself. So, I was really excited to hear when the school was getting two 3D printers. So as soon as I heard, I joined the after-school 3D printing club, and I've learned a lot since. We even get professional 3D design software for free which we can also use at home!” - Arian

“I’m having a new and fun experience with 3D design. Without the after-school activity, I could have never learned this new type of design. In 3D printing, actually holding the project you made is the most satisfying part!” – Noa

“I personally found it very enjoyable that the school has established a program like 3D design. It’s a great opportunity to develop skills like designing in Fusion or Blender that can really help us in the future.” – Learning Partner in 3D Printing.